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Who does BMF South Africa

British Military Fitness training is specifically designed and programmed to to be as inclusive as possible. It is for men and women from 16 to 60 years old and for all levels of fitness. The classes make you stronger, faster, more capable and more confident. While at the same time stimulating your mind and your senses.

Here a a number of people who train with BMF SA in Cape Town and Johannesburg:

Nicole Strong:

stretchDay Job? I am a landscape architect and urban designer. I’m office based but thinking and planning about outside and how to make urban environments more environmentally friendly, sustainable and at the same time being more enjoyable, liveable spaces.

Why do you train with BMF SA? I worked in the UK for a while in Oxford and started training there, then moved to Cape Town. It’s harder to get outside in the UK, especially when it’s cold and dark. BMF just has the right attitude and approach to training…IE “We’re training, no matter what!”  I like the team element and spirit of the classes. It’s also a good option to be able to switch off from work, so no emails, phone calls or messages for a full hour. The fresh air, combined with pushing yourself and working with other people gives you a good buzz and feeling of achievement and satisfaction after the class. A hot shower after a cold BMF class is a treat!

What’s the difference between BMF UK and BMF in South Africa? One of the main differences is that South Africans are far more afraid of a bit of rain than the UK lot! Ha ha! South Africans get a bit spoilt with the good weather here, so use it as an excuse not to train. If it’s a bit rainy, dark or cold, I just view that as an added challenge. Otherwise the classes in both places have a great vibe. The instructors simply have different accents in South Africa to the UK guys, although sometimes the SA guys go to the UK and the UK guys come to SA which is great for variation. Cape Town is a bit more relaxed as the instructors wear shorts, as it gets pretty hot here.



Chris and Li Warncke:

Chris and LiDay jobs?: Chris, “I work running two businesses. One Luggage Warehouse ( and the other is a Lighting specialist company that provides economic and environmental lighting solutions for commercial and industrial properties( Basically, I am at my desk for a big part of the day.

Li, ” I am a mum, so look after the little one, but also work as a travel consultant from home.”

Why do you like training at BMF SA?

Chris, ” I am trapped inside most of the day and getting some fresh air in my lungs is just  I need after a long day. I play rugby, squash and generally like being outside when I can, so BMF training is perfect to get me in shape and prepared for whatever activity that I am doing. The training is varied and with good attention to form, so the benefits can be applied to a whole range of sports and activities. I also like the fact that you can choose what level class to take. If you are recovering form an injury or a lazy holiday, you can start slowly, with a blue class, and then progress. I also like that my wife and I can train together, even though we have different fitness levels.”

Li, “I like BMF training as the exercises combined with the running make for lean, hard muscle and good cardio fitness. I am easily bored, so don’t really like the gym. I am also competitive, so enjoying pushing myself, especially when competing against my husband! There is also a nice social element to the classes and it’s good catching up with the other members at each session. Winter training takes a bit of getting used to, but you learn what the best clothes are to wear and you just get stuck in. The instructors are always very encouraging and you feel great after the class. I trained with BMF up until about 5 months pregnant(the instructors gave me low impact alternate exercises where necessary) and found that the training helped a lot with my recovery and also with simply carrying the little one around. ”


Paul Du Toit– Also known as Malan Koster from the TV series Binnelanders.

Day job? Actor, entertainer, presenter and producer. My latest show is the The Rocky Horror Show at the Fugard Theatre. Come and see a show and feel free to dress up! Click here for tickets.

Why do you train at BMF SA?   I am an outdoors person and on my show Rof of Spog( I get to explore the various outdoor, wild and adventurous attractions of the areas that we visit in the show. I absolutely cannot handle the gym culture and environment. Driving to a gym in order to queue to use some complicated machine that is covered in sweat…no thanks.  BMF is a really good all round workout and the fact that it is outdoors, in the elements,  is very refreshing and energising too. I paddle a lot and compete regularly in the Dusi canoe marathon. BMF complements my paddle training as it is excellent at strengthening your core stability as well as overall strength and endurance. I’m very busy, so the fact that I can arrive, do the class and be done in just over an hour, means that I can schedule it into my day very easily.

What surprised you about your first class? I expected the classic, army style cliche of shouting and carrying on from the instructors, but there was nothing like that. They were really friendly, calm and ran an excellent class. I thought that I was pretty fit, but because the class targets every muscle group, as well as your cardio fitness, I worked really hard. There is also some good humour and class banter which keeps me going.

TashTashia Pillay

Why do you train at BMF SA? Hmmm, a few reasons really. Firstly, I like the fact that its like training as part of a team. I stopped playing organised team sports after University and missed the camaraderie that you get from training with other people, so you get that social, interactive element form the classes. The instructors mix things up and keep the classes different and then we also sometimes do a beach workout or go for trail runs which is great as I sometimes feel nervous running by myself. Then, obviously the fitness element is brilliant, because it is very effective and you can keep pushing yourself. The 3 different class groups mean that you can put on a blue(beginner) bib if you haven’t been for a while, just to get back into the swing of things. Did I mention the social side? Going for drinks after the class or to a social night is always good fun.

How do you motivate yourself to get to the classes, even if it is raining? Ha ha, sometimes it is hard! I simply book the class time into my diary, as if it is a business meeting and I pack my sports kit, no matter the weather. You know it’s only 1 hour and you are done, then you can jump into a hot shower at home. The fact that there is also hardly anyone else outside training in the rain makes me happy that I made to effort.

Top tip for anyone thinking of trying? Do it, do it, it! You wont regret it. Then bring a towel to sit on for the drive home, as you get a bit sweaty(or wet). A spare dry t-shirt is good too, so you don’t have to go home in a sweaty top.

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