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Military Fitness SA- 9 secret tips for summer training

In case you haven’t noticed, summer is here. It’s warmer, brighter and lighter outside and you don’t have to walk on tip toes on ice-cold tiles when you get out the shower! Yeah! People tend to think that it is much easier to train outside in summer than it is in winter, but there are […]

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Why do you train?

I got asked the other day, “Why do you train? What is the point of training if it is not for a specific goal?” Initially I was taken aback, as I’d actually never been asked that before. The usual questions are, “How do I train to get faster, stronger, thinner, bigger?” or “How to I […]

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British Military Fitness diet and nutrition tips

Top Tips for improving your diet from Simon Richman, Chief Instructor at British Military Fitness South Africa For both exercise and diet, don’t try and go crazy drastic at the last minute. Rather take a calm, measured approach 2 or 3 months before and get better, long lasting results. People often sense that summer is […]

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Winter training secrets

Super tips for training in winter Winter is coming, but that is no reason whatsoever not to train outdoors! The evidence in favor of getting outside for regular exercise continues to grow—a 2012 Glasgow University study reports a 50% improvement in mental health when people are active outdoors versus at the gym. Specific improvements involved […]

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Effective training for people with little free time

The very first thing that people should realise is that, if you don’t make time for fitness, then you’ll have to make time for sickness later. To get off on the right track, you need to make a commitment to fitness. You need to allocate part of your week to training. Saying that you will […]

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