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Military Fitness SA- 9 secret tips for summer training


In case you haven’t noticed, summer is here. It’s warmer, brighter and lighter outside and you don’t have to walk on tip toes on ice-cold tiles when you get out the shower! Yeah!

People tend to think that it is much easier to train outside in summer than it is in winter, but there are some things to consider.

British Military Fitness South Africa top training tips for summer.

  1. Dress correctly for your training. Wear clothes that are breathable, as you will naturally sweat more in the heat.
  2.  Use a good sunscreen on your exposed areas: shoulders, necks and chests etc. The African sun is not to be messed with (just like the burpee fairy!)
  3. Protect your face; it’s the only one that you have. Wear sunscreen and a cap or visor.Sun-Visor-Caps-4 If you have enough thatch up top, then an open headed sun peak will let your head radiate more heat than a regular closed cap.
  4. Don’t try to plan for the weather; train regardless. We do get summer showers and people often use this as an excuse not to train. Don’t use that crutch! Pack your training clothes no matter the weather. Remember, “If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training!”
  5. Set yourself a goal of looking good on the beachGet a designated training partner, so that you can motivate and encourage one another to get to the classes.
  6. Reward yourself for getting to training. A well-earned treat after a class will give you tremendous satisfaction. Just don’t reward yourself with food! Rewards can be new clothes or training shoes (zero calories, unless you eat them!). If you buy a new pair of trainers, you will feel better for having used them.
  7. Set yourself goals. Short-term (e.g. enter a 5km run), medium-term (e.g. enter a 10km run or trail run) or long-term goal (e.g. half or full marathon, a challenge event like The Impi Challenge or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro- or simply that you want to get into your bikini or boardies!)
  8. Mix it up! Vary your training. Use the beautiful summer weather to try different things, so that you can keep improving your skill set, plus keep your mind and body active. As you know, BMF is all about helping you with your work, rest and play life balance.
  9. water breakDRINK WATER! Hydration, hydration, hydration. It is vital to drink and keep hydrated. Drink water and avoid fizzy, sugary drinks. It only takes a small drop in water levels for performance to be significantly affected! Have a drink of water in the morning to replace the fluids that you have sweated out during your night’s sleep. Drink approximately a litre of water in the 2 hours before training, and make sure to replenish fluids, salts and electrolytes after a training session.

Another long-term goal that people might have, is meeting new friends or even your dream partner– Fitness events and British Military Fitness SA classes are a great way to meet new people!

BMF SA recommends NUUN Hydration tablets as an excellent source of replacement salts and electrolytes.


ADTL - tubes+tabs - 382x369Please email if you would like any more information or would like to buy NUUN re-hydrate or multivitamin tablets.

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