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BMF SA believe in authenticity. We provide a great, honest product that does what is says on the tin. We provide quality, outdoor fitness training that is challenging, enjoyable and motivating and puts you in touch with yourself and also with other great people.

We are a small company and take pride in what we offer. Where possible, we support small, family type businesses that provide authentic, worthwhile, beautiful, effective, quality products that are as ethically made as possible. Here is a list of BMF friends and websites that we like. We have worked with and alongside all of the fitness providers mentioned and have similar outlooks and methodology in our training. All of them are at the cutting edge of fitness training and we recommend that you try them if you are ever in their neighbourhood.

Fitness links South Africa


Fitness Providers

Cape Town – Dave Cross and his excellent team run a great strength and power gym in Claremont – Shaun Cairns is the Number 1 Kettlebell guru in SA and is a master trainer. Buy KBs here!


London UK

Perth, Australia

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