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The classes are 1 hour long and are a healthy mix of various exercises, partner and team work as well as other activities. They are progressive and start with a gradual and dynamic warm up and end with a relaxing cool down and stretch element.

They are split into 3 different ability levels from absolute beginner to advanced level. This means that you choose how hard to work.

They are scientifically designed to rapidly increase your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness as well as your strength and endurance levels.

Each session is different to ensure that you constantly improve and are never bored. You will have the very best instructors and will never feel intimidated.

The interactive, social and team elements of class combined with training in beautiful surroundings will ensure that you feel fantastic after every session.

In Cape Town we are very relaxed so we don’t wear bibs, as it’s often too hot. Instructors are also in shorts and t-shirts. Much more chilled!

I also run personal training sessions for that one on one personal attention. I have trained a whole range of clinets and can taylor make your training to your specific needs. I’ve trained soldiers, potential recruits, mums, dads, professionals, big business movers like the Dragons from Dragon’s Den UK, TV personalities and regular folks with their kids. Whatever your level, I can help.

Ability GroupsTechnique work for air squats with the blues

Every class you have the ability to choose which group you join. If you are finding your sessions too easy / hard then you can change the next time.
If you are in doubt as to which group is right for you speak to an instructor at your trial class.

Novice Groups (Blue Bibs)

This is the entry level class for those people who currently do little or no exercise or are returning to fitness training after a break. For example, after having a baby or returning from injury.

The exercises are achievable and the instructors will take great care to explain and demonstrate how to do the movements correctly. Exercising correctly will make your training more effective and importantly safe.

Intermediate Groups (Red Bibs)
Red partner exercise
This class is for those who have worked their way up from our novice groups or those joining us who have a reasonable standard of fitness already.

Advanced Groups(Green Bibs)

This is the advanced class where member will be put through an intensive session that will push the boundaries of your fitness, no matter how fit you are.

These classes are ideal for sportsmen and women who want to train at an advanced level.

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