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Simon Richman

I’m Born and bred in Cape Town, half Kiwi, married to the lovely Sharon( and dad of little Ella.

My Background:

Graduated from the University of Cape Town  after which lived and worked in London for 12 years. Joined the British Army (Honourable Artillery Company; in 1999, and was selected to undertake the Physical Training Instructor (PTI) course run by the Army School of Physical Training. Trained s an Endurance Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Instructor and Injury Prevention Officer plus is also a Crossfit Level 1 Instructor and a Kettlebell Instructor.

As Operations Manager and head of Instructor training  for British Military Fitness UK from 2005 to 2010, I helped grow the company from 850 to more than 20 000 members in the UK and South Africa. BMF is now the biggest outdoor fitness provider in the UK.

I’ve trained soldiers from almost every regiment in the British Army and civilians all over the UK, New Zealand and South Africa. I’m passionate about fitness, health and sport, as well as food and nutrition.

Out of interest and curiosity I did the FIGASA game ranger qualification. I received the Mountain Leader award in Wales. Completed numerous marathons and ultra marathons(not bad for a chunky guy!) and relishes teaching the enjoyment of running to others. Snowboarding, surf sports, playing rugby for UCT (MC Marais), good beers and friends are also integral to his outlook.

I also worked for White Desert Limited(, the world’s premier Antarctic, luxury travel company. He specialised in logistics and can help arrange the trip of a lifetime, for those who are lucky enough to be able to afford it. I can advise on expedition equipment, clothing and planning should you need to go somewhere very cold or very wild.

Currently works full time for a solar power and energy efficiency company and does the training part time.

“The BMF SA class environment is one of the most exciting, motivating and fun training arenas that I have ever worked in. It’s got a bit of everything, teamwork, partner work, movement and always that element of humour. It’s important to laugh. I love the fresh air, the variation and the feedback and energy from the members. Every class motivates me for the next class and the beer afterwards always tastes better as it’s well earned! Remember, if it ain’t raining , it ain’t training!”

Rob Purves

Rob runs the BMF parter company Citi Fit( ) in Johannesburg. He is passionate about training and is a perfectionist. He pushes his own training as well as his studies to the limit, so that he can deliver great BMF sessions. He takes inspiration from a broad range of sports and training backgrounds; from Parkour, athletics and martial arts to CrossFit and yoga. He is extremely knowledgeable and is a fitness encyclopaedia, his knowledge stemming from the BSC Sport Science Honours degree which he obtained in 2012.

After graduating in 1996 with a BComm from UNISA he joined the insurance industry for six years before heading to London for short career in construction and a slightly longer one in investment banking. After coming to the realisation that banking is no fun, he headed back to South Africa to follow his passion for fitness and sport. He joined BMF SA as an instructor in October 2009 and has managed the Johannesburg area since 2010. He will happily answer any of your training questions. He is also unnaturally dedicated to and gifted at running up stairs!

“Being an Instructor with British Military Fitness SA is without qualification, the best job I have ever had!”













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