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About BMF SA

BMF SA is currently not running regular classes due to family commitments. I used to be BMF operations manager in London UK for 6 years. I’ve helped train 1000s of people and 100s of instructors.

I’ve kept the website running as many people try and get in touch.

I run personal training sessions and small group classes. You will need to get in touch to see if we can arrange a training time.

The classes provide fun, challenging, effective and motivating fitness training,  all done in the great outdoors.

Each class lasts for an hour and I cater for all levels of ability. No one is made to feel left out or intimidated.

My background is with the military where troops have traditionally had to use the bare minimum of equipment to reach fantastic levels of fitness. Training outdoors gets the best results and helps you get closer to nature.

Simon(Chief Instructor) has trained celebrities, mums, dads, couch potatoes and elite military soldiers plus everything in between. I will be able to help you no matter your fitness level.

The warm down after class

My approach to training is to incorporate the best elements from the military and numerous other training regimens, martial arts and sports backgrounds. Crossfit, Mixed Martial Arts(MMA), sports and athletics as well as yoga all have excellent elements that are used in the classes.

The result is functional, effective and motivating classes that will rapidly increase your fitness, strength and endurance in a safe and motivating environment.

Positive benefits from the classes also include the following:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased robustness and condition
  • Improved body toning
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved overall well being

I am from Cape Town but spent 10 years training with the British Army. I am passionate about helping people and advocate balancing work, rest and play in the most effective and sustainable way.

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Check out a short video clip from one of the classes.

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