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Welcome to BMF SA
Come experience effective, enjoyable and social fitness classes outdoors, under the expert guidance of our motivational instructors. Classes are for men and women and cater for all levels of fitness. It’s the best way to start your fitness or take it to the next level. Get fit outside and feel great inside!


Fitness Classes
British Military Fitness instructors work to a standard not a formula – every session is unique and designed to challenge, offering variety of exercises and terrain.The classes are a combination of movement, functional fitness, High Intensity Interval Training(HITT), resistance work, all in a team based environment.

Class Locations
We currently offer classes in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Click here for details on the Cape Town Classes
Click here for details on the Johannesburg Classes

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Come and experience a class. There is no time like now to start your training! Increase your energy levels, increase your robustness and conditioning, improve your body toning, improve your sleep patterns, improve your confidence and overall well being!

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Find us on Facebook
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